Addressing Members And Administrations Of The Association

December 4th, 2020. Stockholm

Dear members and management of the Association,

I hope that you are well and that in these (non-)times you find a way to keep a smile on your faces and turn your head towards the amenities that fill you, to avoid worry and fear for the health of your and your loved ones, which reigns.

We at the Alliance Management are also working to maintain the routines we had before the epidemic: physical meetings, online appointments, care for associations.

In the last year we have not realised everything we planned for culture for justifiable reasons why we are moving for the first period.

But in anticipation of a new normal soon in which we will be able to re-establish cultural amenities that physically bring us together at the Associations and Alliances, we plan to send an invitation for next year to report all cultural programmes that the Alliance would support.

This application is an invitation for all solo artists around the world who have some cultural program interesting for our Associations and Sweden, to sign up, but also for all our Associations to send their requests – whom they would like to host. It is important that the request be fully completed so that we know all the data on hospitality, especially the economy and the organization of hospitality.

From the in coming offers/demands of all cultural content (theatre, literature, painting, workshops, films, music…) The administration will choose the best to offer them to all associations – pursuant to possibilities and economic and organizational.

Then selected programs will await their implementation in 2021.

There is (not much but enough) funding to plan for a few more cultural programmes for 2021 . depending on the cost of realization of them.

Please note that the benefits are denied by programs that deal with:

1 ) preserving language, history, tradition

2 ) have modernity and significance especially for youth (children and youth)

3 ) and communicating with the Swedish Society

We expect your applications by January 15th.

Fill out as many applications as you can (we will have to put aside incomplete ones). All applications must be sent or certified by the program’s author.

best regards

Association Management